Scent-sational: My Favourite Scents

I’m very sensitive to scents (I’m scent-sitive, if you will… ahem) and I find a lot of comfort and enjoyment in certain scents.

For this reason, I like to incorporate scents into my self-care routines, so I’m going to list some of them here for you, and maybe you’ll try out some of them and agree with me! Let me know in the comments.

Here goes!



Did any of your favourite scents make my list? Which scents do you find the cosiest? Let me know your favourites in the comments below!


Scent-sational My favourite scents



  1. such a good idea. i like scented candles, but i forget to light them all the time. a favourite scent that my therapist’s office has in their diffuser is lemongrass. lovely.

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  2. Am with you on lots of those Fox, especially Lavender & Vanilla.
    The scent most vividly imprinted on my senses came from aboard a motorcycle on the island of Madeira. We rode over the mountains above its capital, Funchal, and down the other side through a Pine Forest. The road was awash with rainwater & pine needles and the smell was really intoxicating!

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